The Crafter

Charlene Nelson, a former counselor and band director picked up her stained glass craft from her father. After she retired, she converted a shed to her workshop, and works tiredlessly to bring unique colors and patterns to each lamp.

This process requires a delicate touch and an extraordinary amount of patience which she undoubtedly obtained by raising two boys: her husband and her son. Each design is from her own mind, aimed to give each lamp a personality of their own. Have a color pallete or design in mind? No problem, just let us know.


The Tracker

Marty Nelson retired from 32 years of band directing in Carrollton, Texas in the Spring of 2013. He currently teaches trumpet lessons, serves as a judge and clinician, writes music, and hunts down the latest vintage instruments to repurpose into custom lamps.

His connections in the music educator's community help him either obtain a rare find, or a likely buyer. Do you have a kid in band? If so, check out his solo and sightreading books here.